Following the partnership agreement reached between UNICAF and the National Youth Service Corps, Lagos State Secretariat, in Nigeria, which entitles all eligible Youth Corpers to guaranteed 80% UNICAF scholarships for online degree programmes

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of Unicaf University, a team from UNICAF in Nigeria visited the NYSC training camp in Lagos,to give presentations and provide information about the degrees available, tuition costs and methods of study.

Headed by Country Manager Oluwafemi

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Apena, the UNICAF team visited the camp on seven consecutive days,answering the questions of over 2.000 Youth Corpers. The Corpers expressed a strong interest in the wide range of well-structured, post-graduate degree programmes offered by Unicaf University, and in the cutting edge technology employed by UNICAF’s Virtual Learning Environment to deliver study material online. Many were impressed with the rolling admissions system, which enables commencement of studies as soon as a student is accepted, and all were excited about the free Windows 10 tablet offered to all students upon payment of the required deposit. The tablet is offered to UNICAF students to allow them even greater flexibility in choosing their most convenient time and place for studying.

UNICAF is rapidly becoming a key player in higher education in Africa, with a physical presence in 9 African countries, with learning centres and branch campuses.UNICAF offers unique opportunities to all for internationally recognized, quality university education. The UNICAF Scholarship Programme is one of the most generous in the world today, and theUNICAF Virtual Learning Environment is the largest digital platform available for online study in Africa. Studying with aUNICAF scholarship towards an undergraduate or postgraduate degree with a partner university is flexible, affordable and easy to do, and it helps you connect with an international community ofUNICAFscholars in 156 countries.

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